What is a Student Hostel?

Almost every study abroad program in every study abroad location across the world has student and youth hostels that:

* May offer free stays in exchange for light work around the facility.
* Are convenient for travelers to find.
* Provide a unique opportunity to meet international students and to share traveling experiences.

Whether you’re a student studying abroad in Costa Rica or a backpacker traveling across Europe, a student hostel is an affordable and fun place to take shelter.

What is a hostel?

A hostel is a low-priced facility where students, families, backpackers and other travelers can stay.

Most hostels are modeled after college dormitories, where visitors have to share a room with one or more other people, as well as bathing facilities. However, there are hostels that do offer single rooms.

What do hostels provide for travelers?

Most hostels usually supply you with a bed and linens such as a pillow and a blanket. Some may not supply these items, so always research a hostel before you visit it.

Hostels also usually provide showers and free or very cheap meals.

How much does a hostel cost to stay in?

A one-night stay in a hostel usually costs between $15 and $30. For more popular tourist areas, like a student hostel Paris or a London student hostel, will usually be a bit more expensive. Also, hostels that require you to share rooms with others are a bit cheaper than single-hostel rooms.

How old do you have to be to stay in a hostel?

You usually have to be 18 years old to stay at a hostel by yourself.

How can I find a hostel to stay in?

It’s always best to research the hostels in the area you are studying or traveling in before you go there. You want to make sure that it is in a safe area and that it will meet all of your requirements.

What are the benefits of staying in a hostel?

Besides meeting cool new people, other benefits of staying in a hostel are:

* Many have free access to a kitchen and laundry facilities
* Conveniently located near public transportation like train stations
* Hostel workers can often tell you everything about the area you are visiting
* Cheaper than a hotel
* Some arrange group activities to interact with other travelers

Why would it be bad to stay at a hostel?

Not all hostels are picture-perfect places to stay. Some negative things about hostels are:

* You need to be extra careful about the safety of your personal belongings
* Some hostels don’t have 24-hour help service
* Some are located in “shady” areas of a town
* Some may have families with lots of children running around
* Not much privacy
* Many have curfews

Overall, hostels are a great place to stay when you are in another country and want to meet a wide variety of people. Not only will you get to learn about a particular country, but you’ll also get some of the best advice for traveling in that country from other hostel visitors.

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